Jordan River Parkway Trail

The Jordan River flows over 50 miles from Utah Lake north to the Great Salt Lake and flows through three counties: Utah, Salt Lake and Davis. The Jordan River Parkway Trail is a 40+ mile continuous, non-motorized, paved trail from the river's headwaters at Utah Lake in Utah County to a connection with the Legacy Trail in Davis County near the Great Salt Lake. The trail also connects to the Murdock Canal Trail in Lehi City.

Special places along the trail

Within the Salt Lake City limits, the Jordan River Parkway is maintained as a linear park. The parkway passes through or is adjacent to nine City parks, one County park and three city golf courses including 1700 South River Park, Modesto Park, Jordan Park, International Peace Gardens, 9th South River Park, Constitution Park (SL County), Cottonwood Park, Riverside Park, Glendale Golf Course, Roots Disc Golf Course and Rose Park Golf Course. Other interesting features along the parkway include the Bend-in-the-River Open Space at 1100 South and the Jordan River Peace Labyrinth at 1500 South.

New Bridge

Trail maps

Reporting maintenance needs

Maintenance of the Jordan River Parkway Trail is the responsibility of each city though which the trail passes. Some cities maintain the trail with city crews and others contract with either Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation or Utah County Parks and Recreation for trail maintenance. For additional information about who maintains each section of the trail please visit the Salt Lake County Jordan River Parkway page.

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